LC environment


“Slightly over a century ago a new state of matter was discovered, between liquid and solid, with the remarkable propensity to self-organize into intricate lattices. Extremely sensitive to light, heat, electrical and magnetic stimulus, this breed of soft matter, known as liquid crystal, comprises all biological and cell membranes, soap solutions as well as most current display technologies. Inspired by the ephemeral dynamics of liquid crystallinity, artist Jet Smits collaborated with soft matter physicist Stephen Picken (TU Delft) to create the installation, LC Environment.”
by Synergetica Artscience Salon

Liquid crystals are a physical substance able to translate digital data to visual images. The fascinating transitional qualities of the material captured my interest. While many households use liquid crystals in their most conventional form; the LCD screen, I aim to use the unique qualities of this material in different aesthetic ways. The Technical University in Delft allowed me to do a residency, which enabled me to do more extensive research into the behaviours and aesthetic qualities of this material. This research lead me to create a live installation and an abstract video piece utilizing liquid crystals, which enables the visitor to experience this material directly.